Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday News - Ken Lewis; Runaways Still Loose; Breakfast Woes

General Banking News

The Chinese gov't probably took their money and now they're rotting in jail.
NZ runaway millionaires on the loose

Bank Chief Tells of U.S. Pressure to Buy Merrill Lynch

Fed Memo Said Aid for Bank of America Would ‘Come at a Price’

Ailing Banks Caught Between Regulators' Competing Visions

Banks cut borrowing from Fed program to $36.9B

Bank Advertising
Funny bankin' doesn't have to mean crisis bankin'

Bank of America

CEO: Government pushed bank to buy Merrill Lynch

Bank of America (BAC) NewsBite - BAC Upgraded By Keefe Bruyette Woods

How Bad is the Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Scandal?

Wells Fargo

What does it mean that Wells Fargo is hanging on to its TARP funds?
Wells Fargo Rally Can't Last: Analyst

Rally at Wells Fargo: Save jobs and homes now!

Final Offer?


SunTrust sues SouthEast Waffles owner


BB&T Wealth Management tops survey

BB&T (BBT) NewsBite - BBT Upgraded By Goldman Sachs


Regions Bank intends to pay back federal bailout money 'as soon as we are allowed'

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Evening News -

General Banking News

10 Banks Allowed to Repay $68B in Bailout Money

Banks Repaying TARP to Be Freed of Bonus Curbs Imposed by Dodd

Taxpayers gain $2.7B on bailout 'investment'

Five of 12 Fed banks say downturn moderating

Sad news
Feds freeze online poker bank accounts

Treasury appoints pay czar to oversee TARP banks

Bank Shareholders Unite!

Bank of America

E-Mails Show Fed Pressure on Bank of America

Gov to set Lewis' pay
Overseer to Set Executive Pay at Rescued Companies

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo May Repay Bailout in Pieces


Not the full story
SunTrust Says Citi Poached Employees, Trade Secrets

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday / Wednesdays News - Broke Banks, TARP Paybacks

General Banking News

Certain Banks Are Still Broke

Ten banks allowed to pay back TARP

US Bancorp

U.S. Bank can repay $6.6B in TARP funds


BB&T gets OK to repay TARP money

Bank of America

Lawmakers Order Fed to Relinquish Merrill Documents

Bank of America paying Mozilo's legal fees

Bank of America’s Chief Says Fed Pushed for Merrill Purchase

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo: haven't yet applied to repay TARP cash

Woman sues Wells Fargo claiming retaliatory firing
It will take Wells Fargo longer to repay TARP


SunTrust Inches Closer To Tier 1 Common Capital Target

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Evening News - TARP Plus

General Banking News

Excellent AP breakdown
Stress-tested banks raise $75.2 billion in capital

Rolling up TARP: Will it be strong banks vs. weak?

Fed signs off on big banks' capital raising plans

Fed Accepts Plans From 10 Banks Needing More Capital


SunTrust Offer Gives Lender 96% of Stress-Test Goal

Bank of America

Bank of America Says Ward, Mitchell Resign From Board

Shareholder Activists Reshape Bank of America

Wells Fargo

For Shame!
Wells Fargo's Evergreen paying $40M in SEC accord

Holding On to Wells Fargo, Watching How Banks Play Out

Litigation says Wells targeted blacks for subprime loans: report

Charlotte loses clout at Wells
As the organizational chart of the merged bank takes shape, fewer top executives will be based here.

First Data and Wells Fargo Expand Relationship

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday News - Things not to say; Mozilo Charged; Change at BoA

General Banking News

Things not to say
Bank customer says he's 'on a mission to kill the president'; fed charges filed

More stupid people (no shortage here)
Man jailed for sending powder-laced letters to banks

Good Article
U.S. Banks Rely on Conversions for 22% of Stress-Test Capital

Rebuilding the House of Cards

Banks borrow more from Fed; investment cos. none

Shifting the Focus to What Comes Next

Bank Profits From Accounting Rules Masking Looming Loan Losses
Wells Fargo highlighted

U.S. Job Losses Slow, Signaling Recession Is Abating

Bank of America

Bank of America Elects 4 New Directors

Bank of America Ousts Head of Risk Oversight

Bank of America Names Greg Curl Chief Risk Officer

Another one gone
Bank of America director Robert Tillman resigns

BofA CEO may testify to Congress over Merrill

Bank of America’s Merrill Adds $5 Billion to Deposits in Month

Big surprise here
Countrywide’s Mozilo, Two Ex-Executives Accused by SEC of Fraud

One more question for John Finger to ask Ken Lewis

Frontline show will focus on Bank of America

BofA inner circle shrinks


SunTrust sells Walmart branches
Orlando-based Urban Trust Bank adds more Walmart branches

Wells Fargo

Is Wells Fargo Looking to Purchase AIG-UGI?

Wells Fargo Insurance Services nabs Las Vegas brokerage in buying spree

Schwarzenegger declares 'day of reckoning'; Wells Fargo CEO says California in 'financial ruin'


BB&T breaks ground


Regions Bank escalates foreclosure activity

Regions Financial Corp.'s Morgan Keegan Loses Yet Another Arbitration Case

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday Evening / Thursday News - More lawsuits, TCF, Toxic Assets

General Banking News

Fed May Step Up on Mortgages, Bank of America Says

U.S. FDIC delays pilot sale of toxic bank loans

And the best banks are...

Lloyds Bank to axe 30 jobs in Birmingham (thur)

Six banks to buy back sour auction bonds (thur)

JP Morgan

STOCKS NEWS US-JPMorgan to disband Principal Investment units

Bank of America

BofA board may meet activist investor Finger -NY Post (thur)

Exclusive: Merrill Brokers Pissed At Secret Bank Of America Coup

Extended Stay investors sue BofA, Wells Fargo

BofA Denies Brokerage Shakeup Report

Bank Of America Denies Our Merrill Shakeup Story

Banks, SEC Settle Claims of Investor Fraud in Sale of Auction Rate Securities

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley seen among first to exit TARP


Regions nabs Barton from SunTrust


KeyCorp Commences Two Exchanges Offers For Preferred Securities

KeyCorp says has generated about 70% of government's requirement - Quick Facts

Wells Fargo

Ex-employees claim racism in Wells Fargo subprime loan push (thur),0,2820547.story

Extended Stay investors sue BofA, Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo breaks ground on new downtown Waco bank location (thur)

TCF Financial

It's tough to say no to an overbearing uncle who prints money.


Colonial BancGroup names new execs to replace Lowder (thur)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wednesday Morning News - STI jump, BoA needs more $?, Wells Hiring

General Banking News

"Runaway Millionaires" Leo Gao & Cara Young still on the loose

Former GMAC Bank under attack

Treasury Secretary's Secret Talking Points Reveal That Banks Were Forced to Surrender Ownership Stakes to Government

Banks Eager To Repay TARP Find New Capital Hurdles
Concise article

Leaving So Soon?

JPMorgan Leads U.S. Banks Selling $8.7 Billion of Common Stock

B of A, JPMorgan, others raise $19 billion

Fed Said to Raise Requirements for Banks to Repay TARP Funds


SunTrust shares jump on analyst upgrade

Bank of America

Bank of America Will ‘Comfortably’ Beat Capital Goal

BofA, Citi risk getting left behind by healthy rivals

Wells Fargo

Former Wells Fargo workers allege race-based scheme in suit,0,4321854.story

Shift by Hartmarx Reopens Bidding

Wells Fargo to create 200 jobs in San Antonio


Citi reportedly halts some severance payments


KeyCorp raises $1 billion in new capital

Monday, June 1, 2009

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Tuesday News - SunTrust Offering, BoA Wins, JP Morgan

General Banking News

Newest Ruse: Banks Capitalizing on "Toxic Assets"

Fed Says Banks Must Raise Equity Before Repaying TARP

Banks pay in-house advisers big fees

Bankers oppose creation of lone U.S. regulator

JPMorgan, Amex to sell stock to get out of TARP

SunTrust Bank

SunTrust plans stock offering to meet feds’ mandate

SunTrust Banks, Inc. Announces Pricing of $1.4 Billion Common Stock Offering

Bank of America

Bank of America Wins Ruling on $1.6 Billion Verdict

Bank of America Names McMahon to Investment Bank Post

BofA Adds Strategists after Lead Director’s Departure

Citigroup Booted Out Of DOW, Bank Of America May Be Next

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo launches Wachovia ad campaign


Travelers Cos, In Ironic Twist, Takes Citi's Place In Dow

BB & T

Banks Ready To Throw In The TARP

Judge refuses to close BB&T whistleblower case

BB&T introduces unified managed account program for wealthy clients

J.P. Morgan

JPMorgan Chase seeks to raise $5 billion in bid to repay government's TARP program

Fresh from bailout, JPMorgan among banks looking to buy rivals

US Bancorp and TCF Financial

CEO's Rank 22nd and 18th in Minnesota CEO Compensation

Bank of America Rants & Issues - Part II

F Bank of America

Why Bank of America is Failing

Make The Banks Give Back Our Stimulus

Tenants evict Bank of America

A Credit Card You Want to Toss

You may have seen this one already!

Seems like a theme...

Weekend / Monday News - Least Valuable CEO's, Resigning Director

General Banking News

Entrepreneurs, Bailouts and the Last American Hero

Short and Stressed
Fifth Third, Regions, SunTrust & Citigroup

UPDATE 2-Problem U.S. banks highest since 1994 - FDIC

On the trail of the 10 million dollar runaways

Fifth Third, SunTrust and Wachovia named co-conspirators in lawsuit
Related Article

Lawmen ride in to credit 'Wild West'

Bank of America

BofA lead director Sloan steps down

Second Longtime Director Resigns at Bank of America

Did Bernanke and Paulson Commit Bank Fraud?


Ritter rated second least valuable boss
Related Bloomberg Article

Regions cut-backs? Any truth to this post?

American Express

Least valuable financial CEO - Ken Chenault
Related Bloomberg Article

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo rejects offer for Hartmarx as ill-suited,0,2964331.story

Wells Fargo Won't Back Down From Capital Plan


Does Citigroup have a retention problem?

Citigroup Stuck With Bernanke Offer Rival Banks Plan to Refuse