Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday News - Things not to say; Mozilo Charged; Change at BoA

General Banking News

Things not to say
Bank customer says he's 'on a mission to kill the president'; fed charges filed

More stupid people (no shortage here)
Man jailed for sending powder-laced letters to banks

Good Article
U.S. Banks Rely on Conversions for 22% of Stress-Test Capital

Rebuilding the House of Cards

Banks borrow more from Fed; investment cos. none

Shifting the Focus to What Comes Next

Bank Profits From Accounting Rules Masking Looming Loan Losses
Wells Fargo highlighted

U.S. Job Losses Slow, Signaling Recession Is Abating

Bank of America

Bank of America Elects 4 New Directors

Bank of America Ousts Head of Risk Oversight

Bank of America Names Greg Curl Chief Risk Officer

Another one gone
Bank of America director Robert Tillman resigns

BofA CEO may testify to Congress over Merrill

Bank of America’s Merrill Adds $5 Billion to Deposits in Month

Big surprise here
Countrywide’s Mozilo, Two Ex-Executives Accused by SEC of Fraud

One more question for John Finger to ask Ken Lewis

Frontline show will focus on Bank of America

BofA inner circle shrinks


SunTrust sells Walmart branches
Orlando-based Urban Trust Bank adds more Walmart branches

Wells Fargo

Is Wells Fargo Looking to Purchase AIG-UGI?

Wells Fargo Insurance Services nabs Las Vegas brokerage in buying spree

Schwarzenegger declares 'day of reckoning'; Wells Fargo CEO says California in 'financial ruin'


BB&T breaks ground


Regions Bank escalates foreclosure activity

Regions Financial Corp.'s Morgan Keegan Loses Yet Another Arbitration Case

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