Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Employee Terminated at Best Bank

From the Comments Post (reposted)

I moved from Massachusetts to Georgia to work at Best Bank. During my 11 months of employment at Best Bank, I never received any criticisms from my boss nor was I ever “written up” for my performance. I moved locations to another branch to be closer to home. After one month of working for a new regional manager, I received a call to go to our corporate offices to discuss “planning”. When I got to my “meeting”, I was met by a security officer, an HR person and the new regional boss. They terminated me on the spot by claiming that I wasn’t following opening account policies. I showed them proof that I did follow policy, but was told that the “decision” had already been made. Apparently, many people were terminated in a similar fashion. I don’t feel that the bank terminated me for just cause.

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