Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Morning's News


U.S. moving ahead on bank oversight

Paulson Told Bankers to Take U.S. Taxpayer Aid or Be ‘Exposed’

What the Bank 'Stress Tests' Tell Us About Commercial Real Estate

How the US govt fixed the bank stress tests

Soak the Bankers
Yeah, cause we're all RICH!

Banks could lose more than stress tests show
Risks to BofA and other top lenders come from exotic bets on insurance-like derivative investments.

Bankers & Brokers Have Learned Nothing From the Current Crisis

How to Play the Banks After Stress Tests

Wells Fargo

Why Governments Shouldn’t Run Banks
Excellent article about Hartmarx and Wells Fargo

Bank of America

BofA presses fired staff to give up right to sue
Screw them once, twice...

Lewis under pressure from "the man"

Will Bank of America IPO Merrill Lynch?


BB&T announces full over-allotment option exercised in common stock offering


SunTrust on losing end of senior bankers’ migration patterns


Executive Appointments

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