Wednesday, April 29, 2009

News of the Day

Best Article Headline from Bloomberg - Dawn of the Dead?

Banks Have Poor Reputations (Surprise!) - Wells has the Best Showing

Evercore to Buy Bank of America’s Fiduciary Services

Wells Hit by Skateboarder

Best Article on BoA Shareholders Meeting

Lewis is Split

Finger gives Lewis "The Finger"

Banks "Nickel and Diming" Consumers - Get it?

Banks Fantasizing

Stress Test - Stressing me out. Nobody knows at this point in time - just like there is no system for winning at craps. Don't worry about it until we get the news. Latest article from Bloomberg.

Wells Fargo - "Mums the Word"

SunTrust Bank - Robbed -

Fifth Third - Upgraded

Morgan Stanley - Boring

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