Thursday, April 23, 2009

SunTrust - Sales vs. Service

Anonymous says... "Suntrust has changed its focus lately from being all about sales to all about customer retention. Hopefully, it's not too late. We chased off great talented employees and some pretty loyal clients by turning them off with constant hounding for products. I still think that this creation of the "District" manager is a waste of money. They don't do anything and make too much money for barking out orders to these poor area managers. Quite frankly, the bank is still too poorly managed by unqualified upper management. Until this changes, the upward climb to get back on track is still too high."


  1. What is a District Manager? Have we finally renames the LOB or the Region Pres?????

  2. SunTrust - Sales vs. Service...what a joke! All they have been after for over 20+ years is sell, sell, sell and cross-sell. Seems like this came to bite them in the butt at the end. Too little, too late I must say. Many of their good, experience, relationship minded bankers are long gone to greener pastures. Many clients followed them or will be following them.
    SunTrust, under their current leadership is a very mediocre institution. Their lack of vision couple with bad management have lead them to this current, sad situation.
    I wish them luck and success in the future, but they will NEVER get my account relationship back.